Cara Mela Pastry Shop, Madrid

This pastry shop is located on Calle Trafalgar 20, near Plaza de Olavide, in the Madrid neighbourhood of Chamberí. The project works with two opposing spatial operations that we have called systole and diastole. The first white space is small and contracts, giving rise to an equipped piece of furniture that welcomes the visitor and meets all the needs of the clients. This piece of furniture is a counter, a bar, a warehouse, a refrigerator, an oven, a cash register, a shelf, a garbage can, a coffee pot, a grinder and a sink. This space is so small that it spills into the next. And then the surprise appears: the second space -wide- that relaxes and expands. Here the colour appears to create its own universe of caramelised forms, furniture that serves as a display, as a seat or as a table. Immersed in this sea of green tiles, a red dot captures our attention: the transparent window through which we observe the craftsmanship that the clients do in their daily tasks in the kitchen.


Casa Antillón

Cara Mela

Madrid, Spain

Imagen Subliminal; Miguel de Guzmán + Rocío Romero

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