Casa Fly

Visiting the island repeatedly in the process of looking for the right plot of land the studio was impressed by traditional stone houses in cities and the countryside of Mallorca. ‘Pedra en sec’ is a very simple and inexpensive local dry stone construction technique and it has been used here since prehistoric times. In 2018, it was declared Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. Learning from local architecture, the house re-uses its traditional elements in contemporary typology and incorporates them along with a simple energy efficiency concept based on natural ventilation and heat accumulating properties of its massive walls.


BEEF ARCHITEKTI; Radoslav Buzinkay MAS ETH, Andrej Ferenčík,  Jakub Viskupič, Ján Šimko


Year of completion

Mallorca, Spain

Total area
402,37 m2

Site area
1.150 m2

Tomeu Canyellas

Project Partners

Local architect: 3de3arquitectes, Project manager: About Living, Construction company: Grupo Ferrá, Carpentry work: Nadal mobiliari, Garden: Mallorca Eden Jardin S.L.

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