What if when we were invited to someone’s house we had to bring our own chair?
We live in smaller spaces, so we have less and less space for our furniture. Ika is born from these reflections, a folding chair designed to share and be transported, uniting the two worlds that we like the most, the digital manufacturing processes for wood and the artisanal ones for sewing the leather. Ika is a dynamic and mobile piece of furniture. It is made from an oak wooden seat and structure and a leather strap that has a double functionality; as well as serving as a back-rest, it also allows anyone to carry it on their shoulder and easily take it anywhere with them. IKA has been a Bronze Delta 2022 at the Adi-FAD awards, as well as a Red Dot product design award 2022.


Arquimaña, Spain

Ondarreta, Spain

Year of production

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