Business Center Glosarij, Podgorica

The building is designed as a business, with a predominantly administrative character in terms of organization office space on all floors. The architectural structure is formed from simple, geometrically reduced volumes connected into a complete composition. The ground floor of the building visually anchors the composition of the terrain, while the complete parallelepiped of three floors is eccentric shifted relative to the axis of symmetry of the ground floor. This makes the building visually dynamic, with the realization of overlapentrance parts of the ground floor and parts of the terrace to the west. Simplicity of volume, and reduction of secondary plastic, it is supported by the choice of facade cladding in composite panels in the tone of brass or patinated gilding.


Studio GRAD; Veljko Radulović, Đorđe Gregović

Glosarij d.o.o.

Year of completion

Podgorica, Montenegro

Total area
4.400 m2

Vesko Vujović

Project Partners

Bemax d.o.o.

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