MiDju 3d printed accessories / Pop Art

Milena Djukanovic is Montenegrin 3D printing jewellery designer with her brand MiDju. By vocation she is electronic engineer and Assistant Professor at University of Montenegro teaching additive manufacturing, but completely intoxicated with art. She presented her 3D printed jewellery inspired by Chinese culture for the first time at XXIII Fitems Fashion Connection in Montenegro in 2019. Later on, with Montenegrin designer Andjela Popovic she created 3D printed bowties inspired by Montenegrin history using recyclable filaments and zero-waste textiles. Bowties were supported through Creative Montenegro project by Ministry of Culture in Montenegro. She designed Linea collection of bracelets and earrings inspired by Pop and Op Art culture, especially Victor Vasarely. This innovative project has been supported by Ministry of Science in Montenegro.
Pop Art collection of earrings presented here are completely made of PLA filaments. Collection is inspired by Pop and Op Art and there are altogether 4 colours present (pink, orange, green and blue) while 2 make a combo. The collection is made for spring and summer, it is fresh and jolly. There are four different designs: stripes, one dot, all dots, home. Earrings our asymmetric and if you buy 2 pair of earrings with two same colour combos, you provided yourself with 6 extraordinary combinations.

Materials and techniques
3d print using recyclable zerowaste filaments


Collection or creation
Pop Art


Designer and / or studio
MiDju 3d printed accessories

Year of production

Designer’s country of origin

Vuk Vukadinovic, Marija Stankovic

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