Black Body Mountain Shelter, Cesana Torinese

A bivouac at high altitude (2908 mslm) on the border between Italy and France. The Matteo Corradini bivouac is a black opaque body set in the alpine landscape. An optical device stretching out towards the landscape, installed in but few days with a light and reversible building system. A discreet interference that, like an inhabited land-art work, defines unexpected points of view in the natural landscape. A convivial wooden nest: a meeting place at 3000 meters above sea level, for the community of mountaineers. The project was conceived by Paolo Corradini and his family, in loving memory of their son, Matteo.

What makes this project one-of-a-kind?
Our project has to do with the need to preserve the natural environment trying to minimize the human impact and our personal footprint. The Black Body Mountain Shelter aims to show the possibility to re-connect ourselves to the natural environment without leaving a permanent mark, experiencing nature in a discreet way, as a man leaving tracks on the snow.


Andrea Cassi + Michele Versaci

Paolo Corradini

Delfino Sisto Legnani

Year of completion

Cesana Torinese, Italy

Total area
20 m2

Project Partners

Abitare Legno, Alpewa

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