Big Bang Mega, Ljubljana

To kick this project off, the Zagreb-based design agency Brigada conducted extensive fieldwork through behavioural monitoring of customers at different times of the week to fully understand customer behaviour before applying the new retail concept. Brigada’s team decided to bring back the WOW! (UAU.) effect to the Big Bang Mega store in Ljubljana that offered little excitement to its customers. The new strategy creates a store that lives up to its name – not just in size – and makes Big Bang Mega a desirable place to shop. Customers come here not because they need to (buy, replace, repair), but because they want to (experience, explore, enjoy). We conceived a dynamic display concept wrapped around the experiential shop-in-shop islands that act as anchors, whereas the rest of the store remains flexible. The exciting ‘treasure hunt’ display concept makes the ever-changing store layout new with every visit and prolonging it.


Brigada; Damjan Geber, Dominik Cergna, Ena Tadej, Loïc Nadal, Zoja Ivanišević

Big Bang

Year of completion

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Total area
1.500 m2

Matevz Paternoster

Project Partners


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