Benni’s Nest Children’s Bed

Benni’s Nest Children’s Bed is handmade of arolla pine in Austria. Arolla Pine grows in the alpine region of Europe and is known for its distinctive aromatic properties. Characterized by its organic form and functional design, this bed is entirely unique. It’s timeless and minimal design blends in with any interior. The protective and organic form was interpreted from Benni’s Nest’s core product: the Baby Bed. As all Benni’s Nest furniture, it is entirely metal free and does not require any assembly. The design and the proximity to the floor, ensures optimal safety standards. The rounded opening also ensures that children can easily and safely get in and out. The bed frame has been designed in such a way, to guarantee sufficient air circulation and compliments the organic handmade mattress supplied with the bed. In order to ensure longevity and re-use, the mattress can later be used as seat upholstery: as the child grows, the bed is flipped over and can either be used as a high-bed or as a sofa/daybed. As a result, Benni’s Nest adheres to its sustainable policies: the children’s bed subsequently becomes a piece of multifunctional furniture for many years to come.


Baby Company Handels GmbH – Benni’s Nest, Austria

Baby Company Handels GmbH – Benni’s Nest, Austria

Year of production

Baby Company Handels GmbH – Benni’s Nest, Austria

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