At Belassi we strongly believe that perfection should go hand in hand with craftsmanship and individualization, as it is essential in surpassing the expectations of every one of our customers and redefining the future time and again. The basis for this is our highly sophisticated development process, which is combined with emotional design and adapted to take into account the specific needs of the rider – creating a class of vehicle that has never existed before. From the engine– the powerful, roaring heart of the vehicle – to the cockpit, each of our creations is a unique masterpiece designed in Austria, tested and refined down to the very last detail. Not a personal watercraft, but a Marine Hypercraft that sets new standards in terms of design, performance and precision. The unrivalled performance of our vehicles is also the benchmark for unrivalled quality, because this is the only way we can push riders and technology to the limit. From the very beginning, our goal at Belassi has been to create more than just a vehicle, but a commitment to an individual lifestyle that is ahead of its time, and constantly pushing the limits.


Belassi GmbH

Belassi GmbH

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