Inspired by Slovenian apitherapy houses and located in North West Italian Alps, BE(E) IMMERSO is a full prefab wooden micro-architecture designed for experiential tourism purposes that encloses a contemplative vaulted space, where you can relax accompanied by the bee humming and scent of 8 beehives directly connected (in a safe way) with guests, providing a serene space for rest, reflection and mindfulness. As guests of the cabin, you can also learn how the work of beekeepers can be a calming and meditative practical experience, trying to harvest honey and taste it directly from the apiary. Surrounded by the gentle hum of bees and the breathtaking beauty of nature, the BE(E) IMMERSO cabin promises an unforgettable and immersive experience that combines the practice of beekeeping with well-being, leaving visitors with a profound appreciation for the vital role of these fascinating pollinators in our ecosystems and biodiversity.


Fvaa; Fabio Vignolo, Giovanni Poncino

Tourism Entrepreneur
Azienda Agricola Amalia Perlo

Year of completion

Turin, Italy

Total area
7,5 m2

Marco Rostagno

Project partners

IMMERSO EXPERIENCE + Baro Legnami, Xlam Dolomiti, Rothoblaas, Industrie Toscanini

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