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“Yes, that’s what I want: a villa in the countryside with a large terrace, the Baltic Sea in front, Friedrichstrasse in the back: with a beautiful view, rurally sophisticated, the Zugspitze can be seen from the bathroom – but in the evening you’re not far from the cinema…” says Kurt Tucholsky Written in Berlin in 1927 in his humorous poem “Ideal and Reality”.

The house is not situated by the sea, but almost – the lake view from the first floor is breathtaking. In the foreground, sailing boats rock in the harbor, while in the background, the blue Attersee and the mountains create a picturesque scene. The garden exudes a rural charm, while the interior is characterized by simplicity, almost asceticism. Apart from simple wood, concrete, a few thin steel columns, and ample transparency to the outside, there isn’t much else. Given the limited space on the small plot, the house is designed to be narrow and long, hugging the western edge. This maximizes both the size of the garden and the quality of the view. On the ground floor, everything is oriented “inside”, towards the garden, while it is only on the first floor that the house shifts its orientation to face the lake. Externally, the house maintains a simple appearance, with a gable roof that corresponds to the typical architecture found in the area.


Bogenfeld Architektur ZT-GmbH


Year of completion

Am Attersee, Austria

Total area
150 m2

Site area
793 m2

Violetta Wakolbinger

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