B-ION Boost is an air ionizer that brings a new air around, designed by Emo design and manufactured by Puricraft. It is a small portable object, low-energy consumption bipolar ionization device (5 millions ions / cm³ at 20 cm) that sanitize and ionize air within a radius of two meters from where it sits, releasing ions that capture bacteria, viruses, molds, allergens and other substances harmful to humans. It does not need any maintenance because it is filter-less and the no-lithium battery lasts up to 24 hours. It can be transported wherever because it is silent and light. Thought to be used at home, in the office and also in the car, it is an object for the person well-being, and – thanks to the contemporary design – it can also become a furnishing complement. The collection by Puricfraft distinguishes itself for the vintage details like the power lever and LED on/off indicator. B-ION BOOST 2001, is a trendy object not only for the choice of colours – metalized green and pink – but above all for the leather handle that makes it an object of desire.


EMO Design

Puricraft S.r.l.

Year of production

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