Augo Comfort

Introducing Augo Comfort, the revolutionary, algorithmically designed, and 3D-printed patient-specific transtibial prosthetic socket. The ergonomic design of the Augo Comfort is carefully configured based on 3D scans and in collaboration with prosthetists, ensuring unparalleled comfort and functionality. Augo Comfort is aesthetically pleasing and offers a unique visual appearance that promotes confidence and pride in users. Augo Comfort uses plant-based materials and waste-free manufacturing through 3D printing. This medical device not only improves lives but also contributes to a sustainable future. The emotional impact of the Augo Comfort is further enhanced by personalized color and labeling options, strengthening the connection between users and their prosthetic devices.


Invent Medical Group; Ales Grygar

Invent Medical Group, s.r.o.

Year of production

Petr Chapcak

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