Aquapark Sport and Relaxation Center Kyjov

The Aquapark Sport and Relaxation Center began with the modernization of the outdoor public swimming pool and now includes a new indoor swimming pool to complement it. The complex is strategically positioned at the town’s border and central park. The new building harmonizes with the surrounding environment and preserves its overall character. The linear arrangement and delicate structure extend along the street, with the forecourt of the pool situated on the main pedestrian and cycling route leading to the city center. The indoor pool is divided into three main sections – a swimming pool, an adventure pool, and a wellness area.

The facade is softened by brick strips and gold-colored pierced sheet metal. The indoor pool is oriented ninety degrees in relation to the building and seamlessly merges with the outdoor greenery. Full-surface glazing enhances the sense of connection between indoor and outdoor spaces. Visitors enjoy pleasant views of the adjacent park and the greenery of the outdoor complex while in the pool.


SENAA architekti; Václav Navrátil, Jan Sedláček, Eva Pokorná, Patrik Obr, Markéta Raková, Eliška Brabcová, Jan Cihlář, Kateřina Zabadalová

City of Kyjov

Year of completion

Kyjov, Czech Republic

Total area
4.630 m2

Site area
18.000 m2


Project Partners

Contractor: Sdružení Metrostav a.s. a Metrostav DIZ s.r.o.
General engineer: CENTROPROJEKT GROUP a.s.

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