Apartment Svätoplukova, Bratislava

There are 2 main aspects of this project. The first one is reshaping the typically structured space arrangement of the apartment, originally from the 1950s, with the intention of creating a multipurpose living space for a young family that would put an emphasis on the importance of social interactions. The second aspect is more theoretical in its nature, we approached this project as an opportunity to take our internal discussions (on the use of space, materials, structures, processes and the extent of the use-ability of the details in and of itself) and turn them into reality. As what is, what suffices, what is essential and what eventually does not have to be important starts to lose sense once the focus is shifted towards the space itself, the experience, the individuality and most importantly, the people who will inhabit this space.

What makes this project one-of-a-kind?
Our thinking about space, materials, limitations and processes.


Kilo Honč, s.r.o.; Richard Kilo, Matej Honč

Courtesy of Kilo Honč

Year of completion

Bratislava, Slovakia

Total area
67,5 m2

Project Partners

Ikea, Stokat s.r.o., JYSK, RAKO, Wood&Interiers, Nesia s.r.o., Designville, Hornbach, Casca, Patemal – Nyigri Vojtech, Ivan Mackovcin, Mintal, Ikea, Bosch, Samsung TV

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