Apartment In Železná Street, Liberec

The narrow, elongated floor plan of the apartment in Železná Street is similar to a coupé carriage on a train. Its layout is affected by its complicated urban situation inside a city courtyard, with part of the apartment standing on other people’s property. There is a living space with a kitchen in the middle of the layout from where it is possible to exit into the private courtyard, a bathroom and storage space are located in the bowels of the neighbouring house. The apartment is mainly illuminated from the west, through the large windows of the former printing works.


Atelier Železná; Jiří Macháček, Ondřej Pleštil, Kateřina Rissová, Marie Vondráková

Mpl Development A.s.

Year of completion

Liberec, Czech Republic

Total area
87,06 m2

Tobiáš Hrabec

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