Anssi Lassila


Anssi Lassila is the founder and director of OOPEAA Office for Peripheral Architecture and Professor of Practice in Contemporary Architecture at the Oulu School of Architecture. His architecture combines a sculptural form with skillful handling of materials and innovative techniques. Placing the human being at the center, Lassila’s work is characterized by a strong interest in creating comprehensive solutions to provide a framework for a balanced everyday life. He has a keen interest in exploring the potential of wood to develop new systems of flexibly customizable modularity. His personal experience in working with wood extends from building with hand carved logs to the use of CLT. The work of Anssi Lassila has been recognized with some of the highest merits achievable both in Finland and internationally. OOPEAA works on a wide range of projects from churches and public buildings to housing and urban visions. There is an active focus on research and development with an emphasis on solutions that support social and ecological sustainability. The office is based in Seinäjoki and Helsinki, Finland.
Photo: Mikko Virta