Alcoders, Tirana

Alcoders was designed for an Albanian IT company that creates innovative web and app solution. They wanted a comfortable office for their super designers. In response to the request, we created a super office for a super team.
This is an unique, ergonomic and personalised design that offers a diverse mix of settings that support all the way people work in person & remotely. Inspired by Superheroes and incorporating greenery we created a working place that promotes wellness through a connection with nature by improving the imagination and the quality of team performance. Having a fun and relaxing office space for employees is incredibly valuable because it helps them decompress. It reduces stress levels, improves mood, lowers sick days, and helps employees bond and socialize. The goal was to create space that people can both work and socialise in by helping the company to archive their strategic goals.


Angry Architects

Arber Tota

Year of completion

Tirana, Albania

Total area
230 m2

Leonora Milani

Project Partners

Mobileri Besi, Evolux Lighting Co., Zela Gifts & Merchandise

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