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We are announcing the aluminium front door with the technology that allows you to unlock the door remotely and features a dynamic glass insert with optional regulation of the glass surface. The remote unlocking is done with the help of a smart lock and remote unlocking technology, which is controlled via the selected smart home management system (e.g. Alexa). The dynamic glass insert enables the glass surface to be regulated in terms of transparency (clear glass) or protection from prying eyes (cloudy glass). Furthermore, the glass is regulated through a smart home management app. The smart front doors are made of aluminium and are characterised by a range of modern designs for customers to choose from according to their preferences.


AJM okna-vrata-senčila d.o.o. & Biro Biro d.o.o.; Monika Lovše Rošker

Technical solution and manufacturer
AJM okna-vrata-senčila d.o.o.; Darko Murkovič, Danijel Keuc

AJM okna-vrata-senčila d.o.o.

Year of production

Jernej Borovinšek

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