AirWave Seating System

AirWave Seating System is a flexible collection of seating that can be endlessly combined to suit a range of contexts and integrates elements such as tables and charging points that combine style, comfort and versatility. It can be configured for intensive use in all contract environments and public spaces, including airport lounges, hotel lobbies, corporate offices, universities, public rooms and other waiting areas. The seating line starts with single ottomans and benches, with or without low-profile back supports, which can be arranged in a linear or curved series, followed by an infinite number of possible single and double seating configurations. Units with high back panels can be arranged as a stand-alone, side-by-side or combined to generate various sinusoidal curve patterns. Depending on the arrangement of the seating in short, medium, or long wave sine curves, it is possible to create a variety of configurations of collective spaces. These could be for teamwork, informal meetings, or used as more private niches for relaxation, reading areas, or individual work.


Topo Design

Altek Italia Design SRL

Year of production

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