The last years under the influence of the Covid-19 pandemic have shown us the importance of easy and fast access to professional protective equipment. This has led us to develop the AirCare+ mask for emergency services, doctors, nursing staff, special forces and the population. AirCare+ is a highly efficient, reusable silicone FFP3 respiratory protection mask made from medically certified silicone. The sustainable material is skin-friendly, reusable and can easily be sterilised according to hospital standards. AirCare+ features a unique, ergonomic design that prevents unfiltered air from being inhaled and exhaled, as it is always purified by the high-performance FFP3 filter. The large filter opening minimizes breathing resistance, while the mask fits perfectly and is completely airtight, preventing contaminated air from entering or escaping. In addition, glasses no longer fog up. The shape of the filter fleece results in a 90% reduction of material required compared to other products.


DO:IT Solutions

GGA Advisory GmbH

Year of production

Markus Schlögl, Mark Sengstbratl

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