AIR, the pioneer of EV aviation for the consumer market, unveiled its inaugural personal air mobility vehicle, AIR ONE, in 2022. Also dubbed the ‘sportscar of the sky,’ AIR ONE offers an intuitive design and a unique opportunity for personal flight to eventually integrate into society en masse. With minimal infrastructure needed to function, AIR ONE is simple to operate and made to scale. Capable of taking off and landing on any flat surface with a 250kg payload, the all-electric two-seater aircraft offers a practical long range on a single charge at speeds up to 155 mph (250 km/h). AIR ONE can be stored in most garages and driveways is suitable for trailer hauls and utilizes the same charging infrastructure as an electric car. At the heart of AIR ONE is the company’s ‘fly by intent’ software, which manages complex functions and navigation, so that usage isn’t restricted to highly skilled pilots and trained professionals.


AIR Design Team, Israel

AIR, Israel

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