Holiday houses of Slovenian Istria is a product that arose from our enthusiasm, young-spirited character and desire for innovation. The basic idea we stemmed from was to offer the tourists, who come to visit the Slovenian Istria, different lodging opportunities.  Our premise was, that all hotel rooms, globally speaking, look really similar. You can be travelling to New York or Rome, and when you wake up in your hotel room it does not really give away your location at first. This is exactly what we wanted to surpass. We wanted to portray the image of Slovenian Istria to our guests in their rooms. In addition to the regular rooms and suites we decided to offer an alternative accommodation, which would be in line with sustainability principles and would become an experience in itself. The small houses are dedicated to our grandmothers called Šavrinke who proudly and bravely maintained the numerous family members in the hard conditions of the previous century.










Author of the creative story: Mateja Hrvatin Kozlovič
Investor/owner : Mateja Hrvatin Kozlovič
Year of completion: 2011
Location: Truške, Marezige