8sole – 3D printed insole

8sole is a 3D printed patient-specific insole designed to treat wide range of pathological defect of human foot, as well as support flawless movement during various activities. 8sole unites more than 19 attributes, defined together with the customer using an interactive configurator, to one robust, durable and lightweight design, while maintaining characteristic unified design of the product. Innovative 3D printed thin shell with parametrical ribbing enables modification of structural flexibility, thus adapting the product for various weight, age and activity of the user. The sleek ergonomic shape is a result of integrating clinical and mechanical requirements using smooth blends between each functional feature, thus prompting the organic nature of the design input and leveling it up as an high-tech product with defined edge creases and embossed elements. The insole itself is generated within seconds by an algorithm, based on various patient-specific clinical data, and then 3D Printed using low waste technology from reusable material.



About the producer:

Helping people is the mission of Invent Medical. New technology will constantly disrupt and change the medical field. We apply digital technologies to invent, develop and design a new generation of custom-made orthotic & prosthetic products so patients can experience better treatment outcomes.

We build on 25 years of technical and clinical experience in the O&P field and have been successfully 3D printing since 2010. We have experienced all the issues of O&P the industry first-hand and we have continually embraced new ideas to offer improved products and outcomes.

We believe that innovation happens when experts from different arenas meet and work together. We employ not only orthotists and prosthetists but also biomechanic specilists, product designers, software engineers, experts in algortihm design, artificial inteligence and biomedicine.

Everyone is unique. With our interactive configurators, patients become the co-designers. We know that products must not only fit the body, but also the lifestyle and fashion choices of the user. Great design dramatically increases the acceptance of the medical device and the satisfaction of the user.


Designer, Tomáš Bouma, Invent Medical



Designer: Tomáš Bouma, Invent Medical
Producer: Invent Medical
Country: The Czech Republic
Year of production: 2019

Text provided by the authors of the project.