The former production hall of a textile factory is transformed through the adaptive reuse and interior design for the needs of the new owner, company SCGM d.o.o. that specializes in plastic injection molding, prototype design, construction and tool making. The production plant of the company extends over 3600 m2 of this hall, and the office space headquarters is about 600 m2. Functional and aesthetic delineation of the business part from the production was achieved by introducing a new entrance zone and the steps that penetrate deep into the building. The interior of the office space is conceived by a clear separation into two zones, one is available for visitors, and the other is exclusively for employees.



The project brief was to create a comfortable and representative space to welcome large international clients from the industry, but with a budget that is more appropriate for local economic conditions. Almost all the furniture, lighting fixtures, wooden partitions and even interior doors are custom made by a local company. The skills of local craftsmen involved in this project inspire the creativity of the company in which the core values are design and manufacturing processes.



What makes this project one-of-a-kind?

The specificity of the projects is that it is an adaptive reuse of the industrial building with a higher ceiling than it would be usual for an office space, which also allowed deeper penetration of natural light into space. With the alternating positions of the glass and wall partitions, we opened the views that also penetrate through different layers of spaces and creating a pleasant space with simple but effective materials while we kept the budget at a minimum.







About the authors

Architecture studio URED was founded in 2013 in Belgrade, Serbia by a young group of architects at the time when the global financial crisis was at the highest peak and many architects struggled to find commissions. Our first projects were for friends, for friends of friends, and eventually we were able to gather terrific experience as entrepreneurs and architects in the field of collective housing and interior office design but also we have designed office buildings, industrial buildings, educational buildings, refurbishments, and adaptive reuse buildings so we have become reputable architects in our own local environment that allowed us to grow as a company.

Our team is also invested in continuous architecture education by doing PhD thesis, by enrolment in many architecture workshops, and by teaching at the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Belgrade. Our goal is to seamlessly combine academic research methodology with architecture practice for the benefit of both and to bring that experience to the clients and users.


Authors: URED Studio; Nikola Milanović, Hristina Stojanović, Ivana Lovrinčević
Client: SCGM d.o.o. Kragujevac
Photos: Relja Ivanić

Year of completion: 2018
Location: Kragujevac, Serbia
Total area: 600,00 m2

Text provided by the authors of the project.