Hotel M Gallery by AHA+KNAP/SAAHA; Bosnia and Herzegovina





M Gallery Hotel is set on 65.000,00 sqm of land at the foothills of Bjelasnica mountain in the heart of Bosnia. The micro location of the building has been recognized as one of the most important attributes for the development of a project from the very beginning. Landscape elements and natural environment determined the direction of the entire project. The basic idea of the design was to create a strong relationship between environment and interior.

The hotel is placed at the very edge of the forest, whereupon the ground becomes so steep that is no longer suitable for construction. This position enabled the upper floors of the hotel to hover above a steep hill and to act as an extension of a forest. Shapes and materials match the surrounding natural environment of mountains, forest, rocks and snow and blend with a landscape.

The hotel has 55 rooms and 30 villas. It includes two restaurants, hotel bar, luxury spa and wellness area with a modern fitness centre with organic food and unique selection of conference and banqueting facilities.

What makes this project one-of-a-kind?
Biggest quality of this project is the synthesis with nature brought together through open and semi open spaces and natural materials.







Authors: AHA+KNAP/SAAHA; Adnan Harambašić, Kenan Brčkalija
Team: Asmir Šabić, Hana Kevilj, Toni Cindrić, Nejra Durmišević
Client: TIDC Ltd.
Photos: Anida Krečo

Year of completion: 2017
Location: Tarčin, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Total area: 5000 m2
Site area: 65000 m2

Text provided by the architects.

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