The project is located in the center of a large paved area that hosts a weekly market. It is situated along the most important artery of the municipality of Cavallino that connects the town with Punta Sabbioni – Venice.
The area is placed in a strategic position between an important territorial artery and a rural area and the relations with the roadways are favorable: the area links to one of the most uses bike path of the lagoon of Venice. The project contains different functions: a green public space, a cultural space for events, a service space for bus and a parking.

The aim of the work is to recover the area in order to create a new green public space. The concept is based on small actions focused on the recovery of the existing place in order to enhance the arena space. The arena is the result of the characteristics of the site and it takes advantage of the existing heights differences to generate its steps.


Architects, authors: Stradivarie Associated Architect
Client: municipality of Cavallino Treporti
Name of the photographer: Gianna Omenetto

Location: Cavallino-Treporti (Venice), Italy
Completion year: 2015

Area (m2): 40.000 m2
Site area (m2): 40.000 m2
Built area (m2): 35.000 m2

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