Zlate Zrnko – Aupark Bratislava

The design of the Zlate Zrnko interior was based on the knowledge of the production, product and people behind the Zlate Zrnko coffee. The sales area is less than 40 square meters, so the interior is designed with consideration for the extensive use of each wall, so that movement in the space remains pleasant and unrestricted. The basis is the color of roasted coffee beans, this color is also on the characteristic bags of the coffee. The furniture on the right side is standardized for the displayed products, the round shelf set represents the main showcase for small packages of coffee in gold color, next to it is a set in the shape of a chocolate bar for the various types of chocolate.
In the middle of the space the design proposes a dominant element – a gold counter (aluminum veneered mdf board), in the counter there are individual boxes for storing large packages of coffee, as a reference to market mobile kiosks. Between the boxes is a solid frame with a description of products and awards. The left side of the store is an abstraction of chocolate bars in the form of seating: a fixed counter for standing with a cup of coffee or sitting on a bench with unique made to measure round tables made of poplar light plywood with a thick table top, which refers to one of the products. The materials used and the color design are intended to evoke an ambient atmosphere with the scent of coffee and chocolate, the laminated boards are used in combination with a light poplar and a gold surface referring to the Zlate Zrnko product.


ORA Architekti; Zoran Samoľ

Zlate Zrnko

Robo Hubač

Year of completion

Bratislava, Slovakia

Total area
40 m2

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