ZIGZAG boulder

HBH (Hard Body Hang) is a business specialised in the design and production of street workout equipment and accessories. It regards it as its mission to provide the opportunity for local communities to do daily exercise, especially in outdoor parks. Its ZigZag climbing wall can be configured to build geometric systems resembling rock formations: its tetra- and octahedron modules can be combined into numerous spatial formations, both monolithic and uneven, similar to those found in nature. Depending on the angle of incidence the modules can be easily built into simple climbing frames in playgrounds aimed at developing coordination as well as into complex and more difficult walls with overhangs. The number and position of holds can be freely varied and the climbing routes are marked in different colours so climbers know which level of difficulty to choose. The materials are weather-resistant and the assembled climbing walls can be used without ropes and harnesses, while the impact-attenuating flooring provides fall-protection even from three to four metres.


Erdélyi Tamás, Gara Bernát, Hungary

H3Hungary kft., Hungary

Year of production

Erdélyi Tamás

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