YAPE robot

YAPE is a two-wheeled, self-balancing and self-driving robot for “last-mile” delivery able to carry food and goods in record time, at a fraction of the cost and optimized for agility in the most demanding urban environments and producing zero emissions. The product is as small as a wheelchair, with an overall size of 600x700x800mm (WxDxH). YAPE is equipped with a delivery container secure and completely unmanned with a maximum load capacity of 20Kg. Access to the internal container is strictly controlled by the face recognition system. Batteries can provide a 40+ Km of autonomy range at a maximum speed of 20+Km/h. Industrial design team, mechanical engineers and automation engineers have been worked side by side with the UX-UI team, for developing the fleet managing platform that can grantee a continuous control over the vehicles, taking care of the maintenance need and public safety.

e-Novia Design Team

Yape S.r.l., Italy

Year of production

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