Water always finds its own path. It captivates us as it elegantly traces its own course. Flowing across the obstacles it encounters, it patiently carves the stone that cannot escape its relentless, noisy flow. Waterfall’s geometries follow water as it flows over various levels, creating imaginary lake beds that bring to mind the burbling of many small waterfalls. Here Pitsou Kedem had the audacity to reinterpret one of the most fascinating phenomena in nature, giving us the opportunity to delight in the wonder of the waterfall in experience of a daily act. “The Waterfall washbasin freezes a prolonged process in motionlessness. The idea was to capture, in the bathroom, a moment of that process that in nature has transformed stone for centuries, and to perpetuate the movement of water as it carves its way through the stone.


Pitsou Kedem, Shirley Marco


Year of production

Davide Dainelli

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