Wallinstallation HOOKS

The HOOKS wall installation by MAOMI is an innovative art object and coat rack. Its design was inspired by an artist collaborating with MAOMI, and each piece is individually handcrafted from natural stoneware in Sri Lanka. This transnational collaboration promotes workshop-to-workshop design, avoiding mass production through 3D models sent to factories. Our production partner, a family-run manufactory in Sri Lanka, prioritizes social fairness and emphasizes equality, inclusion, and sustainability. Not only is ecological sustainability valued, but also social sustainability. The HOOKS exhibit color and shape reminiscent of water-polished pebbles, providing a warm and natural feel. They seamlessly blend aesthetic pleasure with minimalist functionality. When installing the HOOKS on the wall, users are encouraged to unleash their creativity. The possibilities are endless, allowing for unique art installations both indoors and outdoors.


MAOMI – Raum und Gestaltung

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