Visiani is a small bistro located in a visually determined and well-thought-out space of just over 90 m2, a space with a long history with a new face, with a completely new designed atmosphere of a pleasant and simple “having a snack” experience. The concept of creating this special space started from the very settings: it is located at the corner of the medieval line of the town, which was naturally created by the former stream that went down this way to the sea in the early days of the city of Šibenik.

Today, it is a place of passage for many tourists and local residents who are waiting for their steamers to the nearby islands, next to the park that bears the name of its creator, the world-renowned botanist Robert Visini. It is on the very ground floor and on the corner of the centuries-old Franciscan monastery.


2FG studio; Ante Filipović Grčić

Visiani grupa j.d.o.o.

Year of completion

Šibenik, Croatia

Total area
90 m2

Nikola Radovani

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