Villa M14, Balle – Valle

Villa is a part of a diffuse hotel, located in a small town of Balle in the Istrian countryside. Sun, shades and view are the basic elements of this house. The house has a simple concept. We connected the south court and the central living area into one absolute space, underlined by the pools. With this orientation, we have achieved diversity in the atmosphere of the house throughout the year.
Every room is designed with great attention to detail to give it a cosy and elegant atmosphere. Through different materials and wall finishes we made a connection with traditional heritage houses of diffuse hotel in the old center of Balle and this modern villa.


AD arhitektura i dizajn d.o.o.; Luka Matticchio, Alma Cvitan Mattichio, Dragana Rogošić, Mara Matijašić-Paladin, Samanta Vidulin

Mon Perin

Year of completion

Balle – Valle, Croatia

Total area
867 m2

Koridor 27

Project Partners

Prostoria Ltd., ADDE studio d.o.o., Luks, Špina d.o.o.

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