Verdi Residence

Verdi Residence, an exceptional 810 m2 luxury home that thoughtfully integrates with the unique landscape of a sloping 1160 m2 plot featuring a 7- meter height difference. The architectural vision centers on crafting a comfortable living space that minimizes the need for steps while maximizing the captivating views from various levels of the property. The house is tactically positioned to allow the basement level to function as the ground floor on the lower side of the slope. This design decision not only ensures seamless access to the house but also leverages the natural contours of the land to establish a visually striking structure. An ample patio unveils an unobstructed vista of the multi-level garden, complete with a pool on the lower level and a verdant, landscaped garden on the lowest level. This tiered outdoor arrangement fosters a dynamic and immersive space for relaxation and entertainment. The Verdi Residence redefines luxury living with its high-quality finishes, cutting-edge appliances, and state-of-the-art smart home technology. The meticulous attention to detail in every aspect of the design results in a sophisticated living environment.



Year of completion

Larnaca, Cyprus

Total area
810 m2

Site area
1.160 m2

Creative Photo Room

Project Partners

Constructor: ZEMCO GROUP

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