Twenty Four Sneaker Store, Rhodes

This particular sneaker store was designed in Rhodes with an emphasis on materiality. The main idea was the shoe as an exhibit. Modular metal grilles become the background of the shoe display as well as wooden nails on the solid sides of the store. The store is divided into two areas, one houses only the shoes while the second a part of clothes also on DIY metal frame constructions, also maintained a translucent relationship between the inside and the outside of the store with the articulated metal grilles that are perforated and allow controlled visibility from the inside out and vice versa, as well as with PVC curtains that gives a strong character to the background of the shop windows. Different product display areas make the floor plan open and accessible, facilitating seamless flow. As result, a store with a sophisticated and futuristic look, where cold and transparent materials are used cleverly creating softly finished elements. Each element of the store was treated as unique, giving the same importance to the whole design as well as to the detail “. utilizing the combination of materials, such as the installation of colored PVC curtains, the feeling of wood with the visible cement boards, give the space a perfect balance between elegant and industrial.


Vasileios Elenas


Year of completion

Rhodes, Grecce

Total area
88,85 m2

Harry Zampetoulas

Project Partners

George Pardalos, Bardos Wood, George Skyllas, Papaloy Bros, Electro Invest, Interbrush, Fotis Graphics, Kyriazis natural stone, Roufas furniture

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