The memorial is situated on Ljubač hill, near Orašac, close to Dubrovnik, marking the location where firefighter Goran Komlenac tragically lost his life on 07/31/2022, surrounded by flames. The concept of the memorial is based on three elements. The first element, light, draws inspiration from a biblical quote that serves as the project’s main guiding principle: “He who loves his brother abides in the light” (1 John 2:10). The second element, the circle, is inspired by the dry-stone structures of the threshing floors in Dubrovnik’s rural areas, symbolizing life, unity, family, and gathering. The third element, the vertical line, symbolizes Goran’s bravery and nobility, leading him towards eternity.

The pathway leading to the memorial symbolizes ascent and the courageous battle against the element of fire. The circle begins with rough stone blocks, representing life’s struggles and sacrifices. At the site of suffering, the circle is broken by the shattering of a stone, symbolizing the abrupt end of a young life, yet also representing Goran’s profound love for his fellow man, as he gave the most sacred thing—his life. This poignant moment of suffering is further emphasized by the architectural language, expressed through the blackened stone, symbolizing the effects of fire and faithfully interpreting the circumstances of the tragedy. The date of the event is inscribed on the stone’s surface.

Symbolically, the path of the soul to eternity is depicted by a stone polished to a brilliant shine, while the circle culminates with a vertical line bearing the sign of the cross, symbolizing boundless love. TRACE OF LIGHT serves as a memorial that radiates the light of faith, strength, and hope, as Goran’s example of self-sacrifice and dedication to others leaves an indelible mark of light within all of us, despite the tragedy.



City of Dubrovnik

Year of completion

Ljubač, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Total area
116 m2

Site area
116 m2


Project Partners

TEXO MOLIOR d.o.o.; Antoan Kralj, KEOPS DUBROVNIK d.o.o.; Mario Papac

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