Tomislav Knezović, Croatia – BIG SEE Visionary 2022

October 28, 2022|BIG SEE Visionary 2022|

At the beginning of every creative process, there is a seed, sometimes fragile, sometimes strong and clear, which should be recognised, protected and nurtured until fruition. Yet when we celebrate design products and icons, we usually focus only on designers, forgetting that the seeds of their ideas had to be recognised first.

Tomislav Knezović, owner of a Croatian brand Prostoria, was among the first in this region who truly understood the potential and value of design and design ideas. It meant that he focused on the design seed to in every element of Prostoria’s business. This means that what Cesare Cassina, Piero Busnelli and Eugenio Perazza are to Italian design, Tomislav Knezović is to design in this region.

My professor Isao Hosoe told me that as ideas fall from the sky, and they are collected by the one with the biggest umbrella. Tomo obviously has a very big umbrella, as does his team and they know very well what to do with them.

Curator of the Award: Zoran Jedrejčić, Designer / Art Director, Belgrade

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