Tipo Pizzeria e Trattoria, Singapore

In Singapore, dining in has never been more needed in the climate of lockdowns and limited social interactions. The interior design of the restaurant responds by celebrating the culinary journey through a connection with place and artisan craft. The design takes inspiration from the building itself and pays homage to its eccentric historical character, a neo-classical and art deco hybrid architecture. The existing octagonal columns were a key impetus in the interior\’s geometrical language, continuing the rhythm whilst heightening a sense of history and place.
The flooring carries through in an eight-fold pattern and is crafted in a palette of terracotta tiles, pebble-wash concrete, and rose-gold inlay. This palette is an ordinary local reference but expressed differently through a magical geometric manipulation. The symmetrical layout, enhancing the geometric language, frames the pizza oven as the main protagonist. The bar, enshrining it, comes with a pleated GFRC face, warmly lit, and elegantly topped in Verde Apli marble. All materials are detailed to reduce wastage and designed with a sustainable conscious.



Tipo Pte Ltd

Year of completion

Republic of Singapore, Asia

Total area
200 m2

Finbarr Fallon

Project Partners

Falkcon Interiors, Tsuri Custom Concrete, Bakers and Chefs, Futar Enterprises Pte Ltd, Unlimited Enterprises, Hup Kiong, Hafary, Lamitak, ICI Dulux

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