The ancient craft of origami, the art that transforms paper into a variety of shapes by folding and sculpting it, provided the inspiration for Time, the armchair designed by Alfredo Häberli for Alias. The basic principle of this project, in fact, is the transformation of a simple two-dimensional sheet into a three-dimensional shell. Time was born of the gesture that the designer makes in giving shape to a shell characterised by great stylistic balance and unique ergonomic characteristics. The die-cutting process performed on the sheet, which consists of a sandwich of wood and composites, enables the parts to be fitted together seamlessly, and creates a highly ergonomic, enveloping design. Flexible and sturdy the shell is supported by a slim metal frame. With Time, Häberli experimented with the latest manufacturing techniques and found in Alias the ideal partner to give voice to a new, contemporary language, whereby highly innovative contents can coexist with a strong human component.


Alfredo Häberli, Switzerland

Alias srl a socio unico, Italy

Year of production

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