The Chocolate Museum Zagreb

The Chocolate Museum Zagreb is dedicated to telling the largely unknown yet fascinating history of almost everybody’s favorite sweet – chocolate. Visitors are taken on a journey through time and space, from the Olmecs, Mayas and Aztecs in Mesoamerica (who drank it like champagne) over the Spanish conquistadors who brought it to the baroque courts of Europe, all the way to the Belgian, Swiss, Dutch and English chocolatiers who created the chocolate we treasure and love today. The Museum spreads through six historic zones. Each zone consists of its own unique scenery, musical background, historical artifacts, interactive educational spots and of course savoring stations where visitors can try the type of chocolate consumed in the respective era (a total of 9 different variations of chocolate are offered, from roasted cacao beans over chocolate liquor to ruby chocolate). There is also a special area, the “laboratory”, where visitors can learn about the production process, smell and touch ingredients, visit a demonstration showing chocolate tempering and praline creation… Finally, there is a chocolate boutique offering rare artisan chocolate from Croatia and Slovenia.


Authors of the story/idea
Ružica Božić Cerovac & Domagoj Ilija Cerovac, Svijet čokolade d.o.o.,

Ružica Božić Cerovac & Domagoj Ilija Cerovac, Svijet čokolade d.o.o.,

Year of completion

Zagreb, Croatia

Project partners

Željka Zrnić, Željka Zrnić Studio, Nik Berber, Woodmark, Dragana Kolobarić, Treća verzija, Robert Anić, Treća verzija

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