Villa Flora

The city of Omiš is characterized by seemingly incompatible elements, both in the natural environment and in the cultural heritage. The architect transferred that unique experience to the design of interiors and furniture through the multiplicity of forms (multiform). As the name suggests, Villa Flora was inspired by the eponymous goddess of flowers and spring, who was celebrated in the ancient Roman empire as well as in Omiš. Lush Dalmatian vegetation in spring, with bright colors, directly influenced the choice of colors in the interior. Ancient architectural elements, such as a semicircular arch and a fluted column, are my dominant design source of inspiration. The interior elegantly connects history and present, like a magical scenography to celebrate life itself.


Mario Furčić

Ante Generalić

Year of completion

Omiš, Croatia

Total area
300 m2

Damir Žižić

Project Partners

Terrasol – microcement coating

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