Technopolis Auditorium: an acoustic device, Athens

The project refers to the Renovation of the Auditorium inside the cylindrical historic gasholder building at the cultural park of Technopolis in Athens. The design concept refers to the historical function of the gasholder whose interior tank was “unfolding” supported by the still remaining sophisticated metallic pillars of the late 19th century. The approach to the new internal “void” volume of the auditorium is that of a state-of-art cultural tank. Hence, the auditorium is designated by the new interior folding and flowing topologies: the stage, the hollow and the ceiling, and is perceived as a complex, though elegant “acoustic device”. We crafted the space into a dynamic field through design innovations, technological applications and material processes in construction and management. A ceaseless dynamism between sculpturing and engineering. The acoustic ceiling which consists of 564 pieces, enhances passive acoustics through geometric sound reflectors and absorbers, oak surfaces, that form prismatic clusters, creating a unique atmosphere. Conceived as a generator of cultural experiences, the space provokes an upgraded human experience, an attractive meeting place, a spatial atmosphere that evokes emotion, excitement and tranquility.

What makes this project one-of-a-kind?
Our aspiration with the project “Technopolis Auditorium: an acoust ic device” has been the establishment of the perception towards the civic necessity, the role that architecture can play towards this and the integration of the technology towards innovative, sustainable and elegantly built public environments. For Aristotle, the reality of space, like any (external) reality, co-presupposes the human presence, not only in its observational dimension but primarily in the biological and experient ial. In his “Physics” (lectures on Nature) while he refers to the “problematic of space”, he states that the theatrical play as well as the theatrical space–dramatic space and stage space – are justified and true only within the city – polis, meaning the civic participation. During the research we conducted, that preceded our design proposal, we witnessed the necessities and the building stock in the city of Athens, regarding the public auditorium spaces. We witnessed the lack of innovative space quality and the deep necessity of the people to co-exist in public spaces of the theater format and dynamic. Thus, overall goals of the project were set: establishment of spatial identity, stimuli and design aesthetic, improvement of space functionality, optimized mechanical installation and construct ion ethics towards Zero Environmental Footprint Passive acoustics of the architectonic space and upgraded audiovisual equipment. The beauty of geometry Construction ethics and digital fabrication tools towards a circular economy an innovative “design for all” philosophy – accessibility. An overall expansion of the cultural capital. This project is not just about an interior design of an auditorium, or a successful passive acoust ic space. This project has been a successful application of the conception of space experience in public – cultural spaces. It has been a series of creative metaphysical architectonic applied thoughts on the theater subject, from the ancient Greeks to the contemporaneity. An amazing design journey through concepts and values. The harvest of engaging deep concepts and values is a refined Doricism and that is what makes this project beautiful, innovative and beneficial.


ahylo architects; Ioulietta Zindrou

Technopolis city of Athens

Year of completion

Athens, Greece

Total area
900 m2

Andreas Markou

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