Tabaco Club

Situated in the heart of the city of Rhodes, the boutique disposes of a special singularity, it is characterized by its oblong shape with a long distance inwards, which finishes up in two different levels, one on the front pedestrian precinct and the other in an inner loft. A dominant component that captivates the eye is a striking vault, which conceals the demerit of the long and narrow shape of the store. The approach of adapting a wooden vault emphasizes the depth of the boutique creating a rather magical sense of mystery to the viewer Lengthways to the vault the light sources are hosted. Down below various showcases display the products for sale.

A most imposing staircase of marble out spreads en profondeur which leads to the mezzanine where the cigar humidor is placed as well as a comfortable Cigar Lounge that hosts clients, while the accentuation of marble surfaces functions as a boiserie with the appropriate indents for the exposition of products available for sale. Along with the impressive wooden vault, marble surfaces also dominate the space. A weaver basket striking mosaic floor unfolds throughout the room while marble volumes in various sizes and heights fulfill the purpose of exhibiting items for sale. The framework of the showcases is in accordance with the cubical character of the store. Grandiose chandeliers in connection with the linear of the showcases orchestrate a choreography of light reflections on the marble surfaces. In all of the above ensembles, golden touches strike the eye. In the window displays, the casing, the frames and the light fixtures. An impressing wall coated with golden water repels Formica joints on which the chandeliers reflect a delightful frolicking, enchanting light.


Eleni Karimali Architect

Tabaco Club

Year of completion

Rhodes, Greece

Milton Louiz Photography

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