T23, Budapest

Nature and city barely meet in such a poetic and fortunate way as it does on this plot: giving the opportunity of merging the metropolitan view with the breathtaking atmosphere of the forest. The steep plot consumes the hill covered in dense vegetation, so we can enjoy the ever changing scenery of nature in tranquility. But the site also opens towards the city, letting us absorb the spectacular lights of Budapest. The privilege of the plot is the entrance: we arrive from the city, but enter from the forest. One cannot design a house in such a place. The architect must listen and enjoy the unique context of the area, which already composed itself. There is only one requirement, to preserve
perfection. It seems to be effortless like levitation, self explanatory as the reflection of trees on the clear surface of a lake, or bright as the sun rays dancing on the water. That is what led us to create a floating golden shape, that mirrors nature’s delicate beauty.


Adam Reisz, Krisztian Varga Koritar, Levente Arató, Janka Juhasz


Year of completion

Budapest, Hungary

Total area
600 m2

Site area
2.200 m2

Balint Jaksa

Project Partners

Nardo Építészeti Kft.

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