Symbols of Light

The playful “Symbols of Light” lamp was inspired by the triangle, with borosilicate glass transformed into graphic glass symbols through heat. The shimmering glass tubes experimented with borosilicate glass to explore the durability of possible deformations and to find a way to evenly illuminate the inner tube. Borosilicate glass can be individually selected from countless colors. Sandblasted glass is also possible. The simple basic shape allows for countless variations of arrangements and combinations as well as individual sizes. Furthermore, the elements can be arranged in a circle to create a chandelier. The special versatility of shapes, colors, and arrangement possibilities makes these lamps an all-rounder, and individual composition of lighting settings is made possible. The inner light band can be replaced after the total lighting time has ended, and the material borosilicate glass is already recycled material.


Design interior design

Dotzauer Lighting Produktions gmbH

Year of production

Leonard Hilzensauer

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