SWIP – Swim paddleboard

Swip or swim paddleboard is built to move on the water. Its shape is ergonomically sculpted to allow the specific swimming movement. The rounded edges and thin surface allow for comfortable use. The wooden platform narrows as the silhouette of the body does and where the hands will move the shape is negative to the human body. Towards the end of the shape, it closes within a point so that the feet can stand free in the water or on the back tip of the swip. All of these details bring a new experience of swimming, allowing even the inexperienced to cross long distances of open water in safety. By its design SWIP encourages people to go out into nature, on water, explore and free their mind. The cervical area of your body is the most important center of tension and energy and the point where stress is known to accumulate. SWIP ayms to relieve that stress and tension by swimming. But not indoor. Out on the open water of the lakes, where you feel the nature around you.


Dan Andresan, Romania

Dan Andresan and Vlad Ciurdas workshop, Romania

Year of production

Dan Andresan, model: Catalina Tascu

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