Sweet Green

The Sweet Green Campeador Residence, developed by the Campeador Group in Bucharest, exemplifies sustainable architecture by repurposing the former Kandia chocolate factory site. Rather than demolishing existing structures, the project conserves and revitalizes them, converting office spaces into residences while preserving production buildings.

Through thoughtful reconfiguration, the complex maximizes space efficiency to offer comfortable living arrangements. Building C2 will feature 45 apartments, while C4 will have 50, tailored to meet buyer needs and the existing building system. This sustainable approach promotes resource conservation and ecological responsibility.


Albendiego; Alexandra Radu

SC Campeador construct SRL

Year of completion

Bucharest, Romania

Total area
1.657,94 m2

Site area
4.064,9 m2

Iulia Patru

Project Partners

SC Instal Utilities SRL Cluj-Napoca, Execution SC Campeador construct SRL

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