SURALIS-The feeling leg prosthesis

SURALIS is the worlds first feeling leg prosthesis that reduces or even eliminate phantom pain due tobionic priniciples. It helps thousands of amputees to feel authentic again and enjoy a safer life. The feeling leg prosthesis is the new standard for amputees in a modern point of care solution.
The feeling leg prosthesis is for amputees who suffer from phantom and neuroma pain. The modular bionic feedbacksystem provides sensory information to the brain, it allows an authentic feeling and the brain accepts this information as the information of the lost foot. The result: the pain goes back. A sensor sock is detecting the rolling movement information from the ground, transmits it to an actuator set in the socket of the prosthesis, where the nerv-fibres on the skin surface where stimulated by vibrotactile actuators– non invasive.


RESOLUTDESIGN; Andreas Mühlenberend, Germany

Saphenus Medical Technology GmbH, Austria

Year of production

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