SUNBEAM 32.1 Sailing Yacht

The SUNBEAM 32.1 is redefining time on the water. Its innovative design is paired with easy-to-handle performance, this weekend-sailer is designed for good living on the water. Inside and out, every square metre of the 32.1 is maximised for recreation. The extendable bathing platform is perfect for all to enjoy. The 32.1´s most striking detail is its”flight deck”. Here, the deck in bow area is wieder than the hull, makting it the ultimate space for sunbathers and the skipper to experience sailing together.
The 32.1’s open-concept interior is friendly, bright, and loft-like. But it is the exaggerated proportions of the hull windows that delight passengers. Boosting viewing area, they reduce the barrier between the inside and outside. The feeling of sailing is maintained, even when below deck. Modern, sporty, and dynamic, the 32.1 slices through waves. But it’s most at-home achored on calm waters. Combining cutting-edge forms with a day-sailer vibe appeals to new markets who want to chill-in-place. And in style.


KISKA GmbH; Marc Ischep, Austria

Sunbeam Watersports GmbH, Austria

Year of production


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